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  • Andy Teale

The Eco Brixs Family is Growing: Welcoming our New Team Members

Portrait images of 4 new team members who have recently joined the Eco Brixs Recycling Team, including Salma, Julius, Bonnie and Abdallah

We’ve had some new additions to the Eco Brixs family!

Recently, we’ve welcomed our new COO (Chief Operations Officer), Salma, to the Eco Brixs team. She has 10 years of experience in management, procurement and system implementation. In just a few short weeks, she already helped us streamline several processes at Eco Brixs HQ!

Furthermore, we welcome Julius, Bonnie and Abdallah who collectively have 10 years of experience in carpentry. Together they’ll form Eco Brixs’ Carpentry Team, who will be designing, cutting and building furniture from our 100% recycled plastic lumber. In 2024, they’ll be helping us to produce many new innovative Eco-Products from recycled plastic waste!

A huge welcome to you all :)

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