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Plastic waste bailed at Eco Brixs HQ for

Our Impact

How we're making a difference - Stats & Stories

There is no formal waste management system in Uganda. This results in the majority of plastic waste being burnt or buried in unsafe landfills, which puts both the environment and people's health at risk.

However, since 2017, we've been working to change this. Our circular system, based on the idea of purchasing plastic from the community and recycling all waste into new products, is allowing us to recycle huge volumes of plastic and create thousands of green jobs for the community.


Tonnes of Plastic Recycled


Community Recycling Centres in operation


people receiving income through recycling

We pay the community for each kilogram of plastic they bring to us. So as we clean up plastic, we're creating accessible job opportunities for local people too.

59 Community Recycling Centres


We've set these up across the region to make recycling convenient and accessible for everyone

750 Young


Eco Club at Eco Brixs HQ completed works

We're creating the next generation of enviromentalists through our Eco Clubs programme

Our model tackles Uganda's high unemployment rate as well, where a quarter of the population, many aged 15-24, live in poverty.

We pay for every kilogram of plastic brought to us, creating accessible income opportunities for the whole community.



income opportunities created

Through the creation of recycling facilities and the money we've paid for plastic, we've invested over $309,688 into the local community

We are now focused on using our business model to help the community through the virus and support the area's economic recovery...



Faceshields for keyworkers

We've produced enough face shields - made from recycled plastic - for every member of staff at the main hospital of the district

Plastic for Education

students' education supported


Many parents cannot afford their children's school fees now - our 'Plastic for Education' programme is helping children fund their education through collecting plastic!

The Stories

- Our Impact on a Personal Level -


Mukalazi Bernard

Disability Employment

Mukalazi joined our team to manage our Community Recycling Centre in Masaka Town Market, one of our busiest collection hubs that gather 2.5 tonnes of plastic from 200 people per month. This role has provided stability so he can support his family of 5.


As part of the disability union, Mukalazi has taken on an advocacy role within Eco Brixs, attending training functions specifically focusing on creating inclusive environments for PWD (people with disabilities). Using his growing knowledge, he is helping us to improve our working environment for PWD even further!

"I now have money to support my family and I feel a part of the community. I get to talk to lots of people every day."

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