Plastic waste bailed at Eco Brixs HQ for

Our Impact

How we're making a difference - Stats & Stories

The Challenge

There is no formal waste management system in Uganda, and therefore plastic waste is often sent to landfill or burnt illegally.

Poverty is also widespread, especially amongst young people and vulnerable groups.

600 Tonnes

of plastic is disposed of every day in Uganda. 90% of this goes to landfill or is burnt illegally 

11 Million People

(a quarter of the population) live in poverty. 83% of 15-24-year-olds are unemployed


of those who have a disability live in poverty, because they are seen as 'unemployable'.

We're working to change this. We're extremely proud of our impact so far...

The Stats

- Our Widespread Impact -

Our collection network has made the process of recycling easy for everyone. As a result, we're making a massive...

Environmental Impact:

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Recycling Centre




Plastic bottles at Eco Brixs HQ.jpg



Eco Club at Eco Brixs HQ completed works




By paying people for every kilogram of plastic they bring to us, we're creating income opportunities for everyone - including those living in poverty. In turn, this is creating a significant...  

Economic impact:




PWD team members



The Stories

- Our Impact on a Personal Level -

Mukalazi Bernard

Disability Employment

Mukalazi has joined our team to manage our Collection Recycling Centre in Masaka Town Market. As part of the Disability Union, he was recommended by Ssali Edward, a fellow PWD, who was already a part of our team.


The role provides him with an income to help support his family of 4, and also bases him in the centre of the community as he runs the site within the busy market.

"I now have money to support my family and I feel a part of the community. I get to talk to lots of people everyday."

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Our Model

Find out more about how our business model allows us to make this exciting impact Uganda!

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