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Carbon and Plastic Offset Impact Programme

Offset your footprint with high quality, traceable credits through our community driven recycling programme

Our offsetting programme enables you to reduce your footprint whilst helping tackle plastic pollution and supporting job creation across marginalised communities in Uganda.








Unavoidable Emissions

Support a circular system

Each offset certificate represents the amount of plastic recycled and your positive impact in helping communities across Uganda turn plastic from waste into a currency.

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Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsets help individuals and business 'offset' their emissions.


Eco Brixs is targeting to recycle 55 tonnes of plastic waste per month, which is the equivalent of 2 million 500ml plastic bottles! In exchange for this plastic, we  put $13,000 into the hands of 5,000 plastic collectors. And as we do this, we’ll be saving 115 tonnes of CO₂ per month.

By offsetting through Eco Brixs you will not only be helping to reduce emissions through recycling, but also supporting the creation of meaningful employment opportunities and empowering local communities who are often disproportionately impacted by climate change.

Eco Brixs carbon offsetting programme has undergone a rigorous assessment methodology by Climate Stewards and has been validated and verified under their Seal of Approval. ​

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Download Climate Stewards' Eco Brixs Assesment Report here

Download Climate Stewards' Seal of Approval Standard here

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Plastic Offsetting

Plastic offsetting works in a similar way to carbon offsetting. When you offset your single-use plastic footprint, we will recycle an equivalent amount of plastic in Uganda!

To reduce your plastic footprint we always recommend following the 4 R's:

  1. Refuse – If you can, say "no" to plastic. You can bring your own cup to the coffee shop!

  2. Reduce – Choose the products and companies that reduce their use of plastic.

  3. Reuse – Avoid single-use plastic, use your bags till they break, and wash all your containers!

  4. Recycle – If you have to throw away something, segregate it and give it a chance to be recycled!

However we understand plastic is a useful commodity and some plastic use is unavoidable. By offsetting your plastic use and buying traceable plastic credits, you can neutralise your individual or business footprint and support our community collection hubs.

Carbon Offsetting Methodology and Guidance

We recognise that purchasing offsets can be challenging due to the lack of transparency and exposure to greenwashing accusations. That's why we encourage individuals and businesses to look at how they can reduce their carbon footprint first and provide access to offsetting guidance and the Seal of Approval standard.

To reach net zero, it is essential that we follow science based decarbonisation pathways that prioritise reducing emissions in line with 1.5.C. However offsets can provide a vital source of income to help achieve our mission to recycle even more tonnes of plastic waste and create more jobs!

Eco Brixs is a member of the UK Green Building Council which is a member led industry network radically transforming the sustainability of the built environment. The UKGBC has recently published guidance to better equip individuals who want to purchase offsets.

You can learn more and read the UKGBC's report here

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We have also carried out our own research assessing arguments for and against carbon offsetting as part of a CISL programme which is available here.

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