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  • Andy Teale

6 Milestones for 6 Years of Eco Brixs

This month we're celebrating Eco Brixs' 6th Birthday! Since 2017, we've worked with over 3,000 Plastic Collectors in Uganda to clean up over 770 tonnes of plastic waste. That's the equivalent of 32,340,000 plastic bottles!

We've carried out this work by creating green jobs for marginalised communities, empowering young people, women and people with disabilities to play a central role in tackling Uganda's huge plastic problem.

To celebrate 6 years of Eco Brixs, here are 6 special milestones of impact that have been achieved on our journey so far...


Infographic showing tonnes of plastic waste and how Eco Brixs has recycled 770 tonnes of plastic so far

Infographic showing Eco Brixs staff weighing plastic and trading it for payment with the community. Eco Brixs on average pays $4283 to the community each month for plastic

Infographic showing Eco Brixs has set up 44 Community Buy Back Centres across Southern Uganda. This shows a lady standing by sorted plastic at her centre

Eco Brixs recycling machinery at its HQ in Masaka, Uganda, highlighting how it now recycled 4 times more plastic than the previous year

Infographic showing Eco Brixs weighing plastic for a person so they can be paid for their plastic, which is an example of the jobs created for 3000 people in Uganda by Eco Brixs

Infographic showing 15% of Eco Brixs' Plastic Collectors have made it their full time jobs. This is demonstrated by a disabled Ugandan lady who has done this and is standing by her sorted plastic for recycling


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