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Plastic waste bailed at Eco Brixs HQ for

The Uganda Recycling Association

Find your closest Recycling Hub in Uganda using our interactive map!

At Eco Brixs, we've formed Uganda's first legally recognised independent recycling body, The Ugandan Recycling Association (TURA).

It's made up of 560 Resource Recovery Agents (RRA), who are the very people who manage the Community Recycling Centres that are spread out across Uganda so recycling is easy and convenient for the whole community. The RRA's weigh the plastic and buy it from the community, before selling it on to organisations that will recycle the plastic into new products (such as Eco Brixs).

Eco Brixs has launched TURA to focus on the well-being of the environment and to lobby for the rights of each RRA, ensuring they receive a fair price for their plastic, improved working conditions, and avoid exploitation.

TURA was established in response to UN Environment Assembly's Plastic Pollution Global Treaty, which was signed in February 2022 and means countries must now actively start programmes to recognise the informal waste sector. This is why the programme has already gained the support of Uganda's National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

TURA is overseen by a locally elected Chair and Vice-Chair, and each RRA receives PPE equipment to help keep them safe while they collect plastic. The association is expected to grow greatly over the next 12 months, especially with the launch of our interactive map, which you can read about below...

Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 15.27.09.png

Explore the Collection Network through our Interactive Map 

Our interactive map is the first system of its kind in Uganda. Previously, there was no database or formal system to inform communities and organisations about where they could actively recycle. This means even environmentally conscious citizens were left to dispose of their plastic waste unaware of the local and convenient options available to them.

This map lists all 560 TURA members, providing their details and GPS locations so each Community Recycling Centre can be easily found by the wider public. It allows you to easily find recycling locations across Uganda and learn everything you need to in order to start recycling.


Using the map is simple:

1. Select your 'Location' (eg. Kalangala)
2. Filter the results for the type of plastic you wish to recycle under 'Category'
3. Click 'Search Now'
4. Select the 'Plastic Recycler' from the results on the right-hand side, and contact the centre using the details provided
5. Drop plastic to their location and start recycling! ♻️

Try the map for yourself via the button below!

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