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Plastic waste bailed at Eco Brixs HQ for


Help us to tackle Plastic Waste and Create Jobs in Uganda

This is your chance to be a part of the impact and empower the community

Through our closed-loop recycling model, we're working hard to remove plastic waste from the environment, create jobs, and to #givetrashavalue


We're extremely proud of our sustainable model. However, if you would like to donate towards our work, it will help to ensure it's future and to grow our impact even further across Uganda.

That's right - with your help, we'll be able to:

- Grow our recycling network -

- Create even more jobs -

- Establish more Eco Clubs -

- Plant trees as part of our Carbon Neutral Scheme -

Thank you for your kind support.

We are a registered UK Charity (No. 1184169).

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