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  • Andy Teale

Watch: 'Recirculating Plastic' by Prince Charles's RE:TV

We've partnered with RE:TV and the Sustainable Markets Initiative to produce this exciting new video demonstrating our closed-loop system in action, which is helping to reduce pollution and create jobs in Uganda.

RE:TV, whose Editor-in-Chief is HRH Prince Charles, have helped us make this video which includes:

  • Why a circular economy is important and why plastic is such an issue, especially in countries such as Uganda where there are no waste management systems in place

  • How the Eco Brixs circular model works, not only recycling plastic into Eco-Products, but providing widespread income opportunities, supporting the disabled community, and helping education

  • A variety of interviews from our team in Uganda, as well as sustainability experts Dr Anna Barford and Dr Gabriel Okello

A big thank you to RE:TV for producing this fantastic video for us! You can view the new video here.

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Feb 07

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