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We're teaching children about the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle

Over the long term, education is key to saving the planet.​ Therefore, we're investing in teaching the next generation how to look after the environment.

Through our programmes, we're providing children with the knowledge and green habits to make a difference today, as well as become the change-makers of tomorrow. 


Green Habits

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Eco Clubs

This programme is open to all schools and youth groups who wish to learn about protecting the environment and partner Eco Brixs in tackling the plastic problem.

We host the groups at Eco Brixs HQ, taking them through workshops that:

  • Explain Eco Brixs's Mission and Model​

  • Tour our main site demonstrating our recycling processes

  • Teach about the plastic problem and the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

  • Allow the students to get hands-on by constructing their own 'Plastic Recycling Bin' through upcycling discarded materials

Each young person will leave with the knowledge to be able to make a difference within their own communities.


Plus, by taking their upcycled bins back to their school or centre, it means the students can recycle on a regular basis. When the bin becomes full, Eco Brixs will visit to collect the waste and take it back to our HQ so it can be recycled. The children can then fill it up again, and so on.

Hence, the group becomes one of our official 'Eco Clubs' within the community, helping us to tackle the plastic problem.

To date, this has been one of our most successful programmes, establishing:


Eco Clubs


Young Environmental Activists

Would you like to join our Eco Clubs initiative?


Use the button below to contact our team to find out more

Plastic for Education

Following the financial hardships caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, we're using this programme to support pupils' return to school.

In Uganda, students are required to pay fees in order to attend school. However, as a result of lockdown, many families are struggling to afford these costs each term.

Therefore, we're using our model's ability to purchase plastic in order to help children get back to school... exchanging plastic for school fees!

It's a simple process: the pupils collect plastic and take it to school, where it is weighed. Then, in exchange for the plastic, they receive a voucher that can be redeemed towards their school fees.

Eco Brixs then transports the plastic back to our HQ so it can be recycled, paying the school for the plastic at the same time.

Launched in late 2020, 'Plastic for Education' has already made a notable difference to the environment, helped pupils, schools and families, and increased school attendance.


Schools Supported


Kg Recycled

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