Eco Clubs

We're teaching the next generation to protect the planet and become change-makers in their own communities

We realise saving the environment has one long-term, sustainable solution - education. 


That's why, alongside our community recycling and collection network initiative, we're also investing in 'Eco Clubs'.

After all, the environment is an issue which will heavily impact the next generation, so we want to provide them with the knowledge, and means, to take on this challenge.

School pupils planting trees to learn about being environmentally friendly at an Eco Club
School pupils complete our Eco Club workshop, learning about protecting the environment

Our Eco Clubs programme is open to all schools and youth groups. We invite them to visit to our main site, where we educate them on the importance of looking after the planet and adopting environmentally-friendly habits.

We also show them our business model and provide them with the means to collect plastic after their visit - enabling them to put into practice what they have learnt, and become change-makers in their own communities. 

Our Eco Club Programme includes:

♻️ An introduction to Eco Brixs, our Mission and Business Model

♻️ A tour of our main site and our processes

♻️ A lesson on the dangers of plastic and how to protect the environment

♻️ Interactive and practical workshops allowing the children to get hands-on, including the construction of an upcycled, plastic waste collection bin

The Eco Brixs team talks to a school glass about being green and protecting the environment

We've created 20 EcoClubs in local schools and specifically focus on employing some of the most vulnerable members of society - we're incredibly proud that half of our workforce are disabled with previously no employment opportunities.

The construction of the collection bins is what empowers the children to put into practice what they have learnt - they take it back to their institution where they gradually fill it up with plastic waste, then our team collects it. We pay in exchange for the number of kilograms gathered, which supports the school. The process then begins again.


Therefore, as well as the children learning good environmental habits, helping to clean up their area and setting a good example within their community, they are also helping their organisation to generate funds, helping their own education!

We love our evergrowing list of Eco Clubs and young change-makers! So far this initiative has empowered over 20 clubs and hundreds of students to make a difference!

Thank you to all the organisation and schools who have partnered with us, and an even bigger thank you to the students for becoming eco-warriors to help clean up Masaka, and beyond!

This has proved to be a really sustainable program, which provides children with the knowledge, the means to recycle, and good habits from a young age.

It is also a programme the children have really enjoyed. Following a session, the only complaint we have received is "students are bringing too much plastic waste to school now!", which is a problem we love to hear about! :)

It is an education which can be easily spread to others. In year's to come, we hope this means these habits will become a part of the very fabric of behaviour in Uganda.

Are you interested in participating in a session with us and forming an Eco Club at your school or youth organisation? 


Send us a message via our contact page for more information.

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