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  • Andy Teale

Lift-off for 2024...We're ready to create more impact than ever before 🚀

Updated: Feb 9

The Eco Brixs team loading a conveyor belt with plastic waste so it can recycled into new items

We're now a few weeks into the new year and full service has resumed at Eco Brixs HQ in Uganda. After being closed for the Christmas break, we reopened our doors in early January, once again working with the community to recycle plastic.

And it was busy! Our Plastic Collectors had clearly been stockpiling their plastic reserves whilst we were closed as we received over 18 tonnes of plastic in the first two weeks (more plastic than in all of December!).

Whilst that means our recycling and carpentry team have been working flat out to turn all this plastic into new products, it represents the perfect start to a year where we aim to recycle more plastic and create more green jobs than ever before.

Last year, we recycled 286 tonnes of plastic waste (almost twice what we recycled in 2022) and created over 3,000 plastic collection jobs by purchasing plastic from the community. In 2024, we'll be aiming to grow this impact across the two districts where we operate, Masaka and Kalangala, but we'll also be taking our simple, circular and sustainable recycling model to new districts across Southern Uganda. 

We'll keep you updated on our progress each step of the way and also share ways you can participate in tackling the world's plastic problem.

A huge thank you for your support in 2023 and here's to another year of creating impact, recycling and lifting people into employment ♻️ 🙌🏿


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