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Turning Plastic Waste into Eco-Products

In partnership with the community, we're using our circular model to clean up the widespread problem of plastic waste in Uganda.

Then, we're transforming the waste into brand new items of value: Our Eco-Products


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There is no formal means of collecting waste in Uganda. Therefore we introduced a network of recycling centres across the district where we operate.

We've set up a series of 'Community Recycling Centres' in busy community hubs (eg. markets, town centres, near churches), where people already go in their daily lives. This ensures the centres are convenient to visit.

People simply bring us their plastic, our team weigh it, and then they give the individual cash in exchange for the plastic waste. It's a quick and easy transaction!

We're also the only organisation in Uganda to accept any and all types of plastic. This ensures the process remains simple to use.

In response to this situation, we've set up a widespread collection network of recycling centres. They make it convenient, simple and easy for everyone to recycle.

And to encourage everyone to use these facilities? We pay people for every kilogram of plastic they bring to us!

Over 20 CRC to date or convenient locations


Our model is sustainable, scalable and most importantly, it’s working.


To date we have removed nearly 200 tonnes of plastic from the environment which would have otherwise been sent to landfill or illegally burnt.

There is no formal means of collecting waste in Uganda. Over 600 tonnes of plastic is disposed of every day, of which 90% of this will end up in landfill or burnt illegally. This poses a significant danger to both the environment and nearby communities.

Furthermore, of the small number of recycling organisations which do exist in Uganda, they are only able to accept some types of plastic, making the process complicated for people to use.

Collectively, the centres in our network have empowered the local people to work with us to remove 200 tonnes of plastic waste from the environment, which would have previously been burnt or gone to landfill, as a result of a lack of alternatives.


And as we continue to grow our network, which each month helps us to recycle over 15 tonnes of plastic waste, this figure is set to grow further, extending our environmental impact!

In a short time, our Collection Network has made a huge impact on the environment and local economy. It's been a welcomed addition by the community, and proved to be sustainable too.

Our model has resulted in over 1000 individuals receiving extra income from the plastic waste chain created by Eco Brixs, 20 full-time staff on the books, up to 15 tons of plastic collected each month, and over $42,000 being injected into the local community. 


We’re demonstrating sustainable development at its best.

provides recycling infrstructure for a catchment area Masaka... = 20 parishes out of 52 that make up greater Masaka


Throuhh this system, we're creating inclusive empliyment. Those in poverty, disabled, women. We're inviting everyone to be a part of the solution.

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1. Community Recycling Network

Our network of 20+ recycling centres across Uganda provide the infrastructure to make recycling accessible and easy for everyone...


Disabled employee managing our Community Recycling Centre

It is then either recycled by us into Eco Brixs (a plastic-sand composite pavers) or bundled, transported and sold to plastic processors in Kampala. 

Eco Brixs is a closed-loop recycling model to help tackle the issue of plastic waste and create employment in Uganda.

By offering people an incentive to bring us their plastic, and making the process easy and accessible to all, we're quickly seeing a widespread change in people's behaviour - to the benefit of the environment. 

Plastic waste turned into our bricks and pavers

Much like there is a lack of a waste management system in Uganda, there is also a lack of environmentally-friendly products on offer within the construction industry.


Furthermore, in order for us to make our organisation sustainable, and to maintain our ability to keep paying the community for their plastic, Eco Brixs needs to generate an income.

This is where our Eco-Products come in. We create items of value, certified bricks or pavers, from plastic waste. We then sell these in order to generate an income. This allows us to keep paying the community for their plastic, therefore maintaining our closed-loop system.

These Eco-Products also have the advantage of being more environmentally-friendly than their concrete counterparts, as well as holding several other advantages, offering an alternative in the construction industry.

Bails of plastic waste ready to be recycled

Once they have collected sufficient amounts of plastic at the centre, they then let our main site know, who come to collect it with transport. It is then recycled at our main site. 

This is the basis for our model: creating innovative items of value from waste - from something which was once considered to have no value.

This allows us to move towards a circular, sustainable economy - our aim.

Gallery - recycles the equivalent of XXX plastic bottles as text.

The plastic waste is collected through our network of 'Community Recycling Centres'. It is then brought to our main site, which is where the factory team take over. They create the bricks and pavers out of a mix of sand and plastic, after passing it through an extruding process.

The finished product has several advantages over their concrete counterparts:


Their weight is 2.66 kg - this is 1.36kg lighter than concrete.


The crushing load is 1381.3 - this is 756.9 times stronger than concrete.

Also, the ultimate compressive strength is 51.2, which is 20.1 times stronger than concrete.


Our business model allows us to sell our products at a 33% cheaper price than conctrete.


The production is more environmentally-friendly than the process to produce concrete


The product has been certified by Tech Labs Ltd. to international standards

This process allows us to create something better than concrete and keep giving people money for their plastic.


It also allows us to grow our collection network, and in turn, collection more plastic to help the environment, create more income opportunities, and to set up more Eco Clubs to further education.

Tonnes of plastic waste at Eco Brixs HQ to be recycled

Are you interested in using our Eco-Products? Send us a message via our contact page for more information

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