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Turning Plastic Waste into Eco-Products

In partnership with the community, we're using our closed-loop system to clean up the problem of plastic waste in Uganda.

Then, we're transforming the waste into new innovative items of value: Eco-Products

We sell these items on the open market to generate revenue.

Using these funds, we can then purchase more plastic from the community.

Sustaining our Model

By transforming waste into something of value, we're ensuring nothing is wasted - the plastic can be given a new use.

Building a Circular, Sustainable Economy

Like the lack of waste management systems in Uganda, there is also a shortage of environmentally friendly products on the market.

We're offering something different, and in many cases superior to the traditional model...

Green Alternatives

More environmentally-friendly





More durable

We're transforming discarded plastic waste into these items...  



The flagship item behind our name. These bricks are made out of a mix of recycled plastic and sand after passing through an extruding process. Their certification by Tech Labs Ltd highlights how they are far stronger, lighter, and long-lasting than their concrete counterpart!

  • The Eco Brixs Youtube Channel showing our products made from recycled plastic


These are similar to our bricks but are specially made for flooring, with interlocking elements to securely cover the surface that they are laid upon. This alternative to concrete has a variety of uses, especially outside, and can be used for: roads, driveways, patios, firepits, walkways, and playgrounds.

  • Eco Brixs YouTube channel
Eco Bench

Eco Benches

These are made from 100% recycled plastic and a great example of the furniture we can build from our plastic lumber. We can build a wide variety of funiture in this style.

Each bench helps to remove over 50kg of plastic from the local environment!

  • Eco Brixs YouTube Channel

Eco Pots

These are one of our most environmentally friendly products as we make them from the leftover lumber used in our other production processes.

Each pot recycles the equivalent of 612 plastic bottles. Plus, they are light and easy to move!

  • Eco Brixs YouTube Channel
Face Sheild.jpeg

Face Shields

We began producing these Face Shields to protect people from Coronavirus, and have donated over 400 to the local hospital to protect key workers.


The frames are made from the lids of the bottles we collect (HDPE plastic).

  • Making the Face Shields at Eco Brixs HQ in Uganda
Eco Brixs Cap.jpg

Eco Caps

This product shows you can be fashionable and environmentally friendly!


The brim of the cap (ie. the cap part) is made out of recycled plastic and then inserted into the fabric, which is sourced from a local charity that supports Ugandan youths.

  • Eco Brixs YouTube Channel
Book Cover.jpg

Book Covers

Created from 100% recycled plastic, these book covers are perfect for protecting books from marks and tears, whilst also allowing the reader to know they are simultaneously helping the environment!

We can customise the colour of our covers too!

  • Eco Brixs YouTube Channel
Megan S. Lee, Info Nile33-min.jpg


Lumber is one of the key items we produce from plastic waste, providing the foundation for a number of our Eco-Products.

Each pole recycles 6kg of plastic and is stronger than wood, with joints that can be securely fixed without nails/glue, which you can see here.

  • Sinan tests the strength of Eco Brixs's Plastic Lumber
Fence Post 2.png

Fence Posts

Each post is made from 100% recycled plastic, the equivalent of 462 plastic bottles.

They've proved to be one of our most popular products. In fact, we like them so much we've used them to fence the area of our HQ!

  • Dan explains the features of our Fence Posts that are made from recycled plastic waste
Eco Advertising Stands.jpeg

Advertising Stand

These items allow businesses to display their products & services in an environmentally friendly way.


They are portable, able to be taken down and re-assembled in moments, as shown in the video below.


  • Eco Brixs Eco Advertising Stands made from recycled plastic
Eco Tiles and Eco Mats.jpg

Eco Tiles

These can be produced in a variety of colours and are perfect for covering indoor flooring and walls (such as in the kitchen and bathroom) adding a perfect touch for a decorative finish.

Each square meter of tiles recycles 2.5kg of plastic waste helping to clean up Uganda.

  • Eco Brixs Eco Tiles made from 100% recycled plastic
Eco Coaster.jpeg

Eco Mats

These coasters, made from 100% recycled plastic, are made by the same process as our Eco Tiles.


However, they have a different purpose - to help protect people's furniture from coffee and drink stains, whilst simultaneously helping the planet! 

  • Eco Brixs YouTube Channel


Tonnes of plastic waste at Eco Brixs HQ to be recycled

Are you interested in using our Eco-Products? Send us a message via our contact page for more information

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