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September Newsletter ♻️ Developing new Eco-Products!

Eco Brixs logo - recycling plastic waste in Uganda
Eco Brixs' Eco Brixs which is a brick made from discarded plastic waste

We're turning plastic waste into products!

Over September, we've continued to test and develop our new line of Eco-Products, following the completion of our factory build and the arrival of our new machine lines.

From fabrics to furniture, we're aiming to find a wide variety of uses for recycled plastic waste in Uganda.

We've also continued to develop our site, as we look to ensure not even a drop of rainwater is wasted. Plus, we participated in World Clean Up Day, launched our Planet Youth movement, and celebrated our birthday!



Lumbar made from recycled plastic waste at Eco Brixs HQ, which can replace wood in construction

Over September, the team in Masaka have been busy testing the new machine line to see how we can creatively use plastic waste to make new items.

Lumbar is one key item we've been able to produce, which allows us to create items that would normally be made from wood. One example of how Lumbar can be used is in fence posts (pictured above), which are stronger, don't rust, aren't susceptible to termites, and removes 6kg of plastic from the environment!

Using lumbar, we've also been able to create chairs and benches.

As well as Lumbar, we've also been able to produce fibres from plastic waste, which has allowed us to create these caps. As well as clothes, this technique will also allow us to create simple furnishings.

We're excited to keep experimenting through October and see what else we can make!



Over the last few weeks, we've been able to implement a number of new innovations at our main site in Masaka, including a system to reuse every drop of rainwater!

When it rains, our new drainage system allows us to collect rainwater off all of our roofs, collecting it in a harvesting pit, capable of holding 10,000 litres of water. This water can then be used to wash plastic or water the Eco Brixs gardens. The timing couldn't be more perfect as the rainy season is just beginning in Uganda! See Andy's explanation of the new system, via the video below!



Eco Brixs team cleaning up the local by doing a little pick for World Clean Up Day 2020

Saturday 18th September was World Clean Up Day, an annual event that aims to tackle the problem of solid waste around the world.

The team took to the streets of Masaka, doing a litter pick in the local area, whilst also sharing advice with the community on how they can look after the environment on a daily basis. 

To coincide with the day, Eco Brixs (in partnership with the charity Tearfund) launched 'Planet Youth' - a movement designed to encourage young Ugandans to share and create ideas to protect planet earth. As part of the campaign, we are offering a monthly prize for the best idea to encourage Ugandans aged 15-25 to participate. If you fit into this category or know anyone who does, please invite them to join the Planet Youth Facebook group. You can find out more above the movement, via our website, here.

Planet Youth movement launched by Eco Brixs and Tearfund to empower youth in Uganda to be more green



Recycling bins to encourage households to recycle more of their waste

Last week was 'Recycle Week 2020' in the UK, a week that celebrates recycling and the positive impact it has on the environment.

To participate in the week, we wanted to do something which would invite everyone to get involved, no matter where you are in the world, as we're aware we have many supporters around the globe.

Therefore we wrote a blog to share some tips on how anyone can easily start recycling at home and live a little greener. It aims to be a 'get started' guide, but if you're already an avid recycling enthusiast, it might give you some inspiration to take your recycling to the next level!

You view the blog here.




The staff and supporters of Eco Brixs, including CEO Andy Bownds, celebrating the charity's 3rd birthday

On Friday 4th September, Eco Brixs celebrated a very exciting milestone - it's third birthday.

It's been three years since Eco Brixs was established as Masaka Recycle Initiative (its former name) with the mission to clean up Uganda whilst creating jobs for the community!

Since that day, the organisation has steadily grown to create thousands of income opportunities and recycle over 300 tonnes of plastic waste! From a small operation in Andy Bownd's back garden, it has grown to include over 20 Recycling points around Uganda, with a factory complex at its HQ - ready to turn piles of plastic waste into new, reusable items in the form of our Eco-Products.

A huge thank you to all of our supporters who have helped make the last three years possible, whether you've given us advice, shared our work, or donated. We appreciate it and we wouldn't be where we are today without your help!

We're excited for what the next year will hold, as we're now set to start producing Eco-Products on a mass scale and remove even more plastic waste from the environment!


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