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  • Gee Elliott

Celebrating International Women's Day

As tomorrow is International Women's Day, we wanted to celebrate the women of Eco Brixs whilst highlighting why it is more important than ever that women are engaged in discussions around climate change and have a seat at the table at climate talks.

Climate change impacts everyone on the planet but various studies have found that it disproportionately affects both women and those in rural areas, particularly in developing countries, for 2 main reasons:


  1. Extreme weather disasters intensify gender inequality

  2. Women are not sufficiently represented at climate talks or in decision-making processes to have their own voices heard and included on effective solutions

The adverse effects of floods, drought, hurricanes, extreme rainfall events and sea level rise are often felt more by women than men as a result of gender discrimination and traditional gender roles.

In countries like Uganda, women are usually the primary caregivers and make up most of the agricultural workforce so when climate disasters strike, they are impacted the hardest. Maternal mortality increases, child marriage rates increase and with high barriers to access credit or alternative job opportunities, it’s much harder for women to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

The tasks of collecting firewood and water, which traditionally fall to women and girls, are heavily affected by adverse climate change impacts, which force the women and girls to travel further from their homes to complete the tasks and provide for their families. In turn, the longer journeys increase their exposure to gender-based violence outside the home.

At Eco Brixs we have created a flexible and inclusive model to enable all community members, including women, to earn additional income from selling plastic waste. Our Community Buy Back Centres are purposefully located in convenient and accessible sites across the community which allows women to collect and sell plastic around their existing household and family duties. 35% of our plastic collectors are women and as a result of additional income generated through Eco Brixs, have a greater degree of independence, control and autonomy over themselves, their family and their future.




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