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  • Andy Teale

Irene uses sign language to explain an Eco Brixs Recycling Process

At Eco Brixs, we not only recycle plastic waste but focus on creating inclusive job opportunities for marginalised people as well. This includes young adults, women and people with disabilities.

Here, Irene is from the deaf community and works in our recycling factory at Eco Brixs' HQ in Uganda. In the video, she explains part of our recycling process through signing. 

After we have sorted the plastic waste by type, washed it, and then used our crushing machinery to break it down into small flakes, it is then gathered up and stored in white sacks. Each sack is carefully sewn up to stop it from falling out. 

After holding it in storage, we’ll either use it to make our own Eco-Products or sell it to customers as flake so they can produce their own recycled goods ♻️

A huge thank you to Irene for providing this heart-warming explanation of one of our factory's key processes :)


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