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Here at Eco Brixs HQ, we're working hard to tackle the world plastic problem and protect the environment. However, for lasting change to really happen, we know we need to inspire the next generation to become change-makers!


Therefore, we've teamed up with Tearfund to launch 'Planet Youth' - a movement that invites the youth of Uganda to share green ideas and make an impact, whilst winning prizes!

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What's your green idea?

Plastic waste bailed at Eco Brixs HQ for

Planet Youth

A movement of change inspired by the youth of Uganda

Enter our competition to win $60!

As part of the movement, we hosting a monthly competition to find the best green ideas!

We're open to a wide variety of concepts and formats - this is your chance to get creative!

Perhaps you can do something in your everyday life to live a little greener, or set up a small project to help your family and friends recycle?

Maybe you want to inspire others by writing a song or poem, or by performing a dance?

And if you've got a big idea, (which you might not be able to do), why not draw it instead and enter?

The great thing about this competition is it's all about bringing your green ideas to life and creating a wave of a change to inspire others!

How to enter:

The competition is open to all youths in Uganda, aged 15-25.


Once your green idea is ready, take some photos (or a video) and share it on our Planet Youth Facebook group.


Each month to help inspire you, we'll be running a theme, which you can keep up to date with via the group. 


Then, at the end of each month, we'll announce two winners via the group, who will win $60 each (which will be sent via mobile money).


Theme 1

Recycling & Climate Change

September 21st - October 21st

  • Facebook

Join the Planet Youth Facebook group to get inspired and win prizes!


Join the movement.

Check the theme.

Get creative. 


Win $60!

Need inspiration? Get inspired by your fellow change-makers!

#Think GreenThink Clean

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