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  • Andy Teale

Giving plastic waste new purpose with Maggie Kigozi

Eco Brixs's Eco-Products made from recycled plastic lumber in Maggie Kigozi's garden

At Eco Brixs HQ, we turn the plastic waste we purchase from the community into new items of value, called Eco-Products.

We can create a variety of items to meet our customers' needs and recently delivered a big order to high-profile individual Maggie Kigozi, who is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and consultant to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). She purchased swings, benches, and tiles, which were collectively produced from over 1480kg of plastic waste!

Dan and Sinan from the Eco Brixs team present Maggie Kigozi with her new Eco-Products including tiles made from 100% recycled plastic

And because of our closed-loop system, it means the revenue from the sale can be used to buy more plastic waste from our Plastic Collectors. This helps them fund essentials for their families (eg. rent, food, and school fees), creating a major economic and social impact alongside the recycling!

Maggie Kigozi and Dan sitting in the garden with the new recycled eco-products that includes benches, swings and tiles


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