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  • Andy Teale

Celebrating our environmental and economic impact to date

This month we wanted to share some exciting milestones with you as Eco Brixs continues to grow, therefore increasing our environmental, social, and economic impact in Uganda. This has been possible through our closed-loop system that recycles plastic waste after we purchase it from the community.

Since we passed mid-2021, we've been reviewing our impact to date since our inception in 2017. We're thrilled to announce these key statistics from our journey over the past 4 years:

387 tonnes of plastic waste recycled in Uganda at Eco Brixs HQ infographic - piles of plastic waste

16 million plastic bottles recycled in Uganda infographic - staff member filling machine

30 Community Recycling Centres built in Uganda, Masaka infographic - Eco Brixs team sorting plastic waste for recycling

3000 green jobs created in Uganda, Masaka by Eco Brixs infographic - staff weighing plastic waste to pay community

$184,000 invested into Masaka, Uganda, through the Eco Brixs model infographic - community members sitting with sorted plastic for recycling

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