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  • Andy Teale

BBC video: Climate Change & its impact on poorer communities

This short but eye-opening video highlights how the poorest communities in the world are being disproportionately affected by climate change.

For example, the richest half of the world is currently responsible for the majority of greenhouse gases (86%), yet it's the poorer half of the world who is much more likely to suffer extreme weather conditions, which results in people being displaced from their homes and lives lost.

Furthermore, climate change is holding back the progress of developing countries. Nations such as Nigeria, Brazil, and India would have 25% larger economies if not for the world's environmental challenges.

And sadly, the problem is predicted to get worse by 2030, with climate change pushing 130 million additional people into poverty, increasing the gap between rich and poor.

With high-profile events like COP26, people are becoming aware of the problem of climate change, but less so on the issue of its disproportionate effect. Please help raise awareness of this by spreading this message amongst friends and family, either by sharing this blog or video!

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