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  • Andy Teale

New Eco-Product: Our Eco Advertising Stands

Dan and Sian with Eco-Product our Eco Advertising Board that is made from plastic waste

At Eco Brixs HQ, we're continuing our research and development, as we experiment with our machinery to develop new innovative products.

Our latest design is an 'Eco Advertising Stand', which allows businesses to present and display products in an environmentally friendly way. Like many of our Eco-Products, it is made from 100% recycled plastic.

They are easily portable, able to be taken down and re-assembled in moments, as demonstrated by Andy, our CEO, in the video below.

And the great news is, we've already sold the first batch on the open market, helping us to generate funds to buy more plastic from the community so it can be recycled.

Andy demonstrates our new Eco-Product in action...

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