• Andy Teale

Turning Plastic Waste into more: Fence Posts & Tiles

Over the past few weeks our fence posts, made from recycled plastic, have continued to sell well locally. In fact, at times, we've actually struggled to keep up with the demand!

Recently our good friends at the restaurant 'Plot 99' purchased 60 posts (pictured above), which adds to a tally of over 260 fence posts sold, which is the equivalent of 110,000 plastic bottles being removed from the environment and recycled!

The fenceposts have many advantages over their wooden and concrete counterparts, and each sale helps to fund our Collection Network, which helps to protect the environment of Masaka and create income opportunities for the community.

We've also started manufacturing a new product, our Eco-Tiles, which we can make in a wide variety of colours. For each square meter of titles produced, it means 2.5kg of plastic has been recycled!

Our Eco-Mats

Additionally, these items also serve a second purpose as our Eco-Mats. These coasters can help protect people's furniture from coffee stains, and help the planet simultaneously!

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