• Andy Teale

Eco-Product Update: Production at HQ as we prepare to move to market

At Eco Brixs, we make products from the plastic waste gathered through our Collection Network. By turning discarded rubbish into new items which people can use, we're literally "giving trash a value".

Furthermore, by selling these products to generate revenue, we're able to continue to fund the Collection Network and pay local Ugandans for every kilogram of plastic they bring to us. Hence, our closed-loop system in action - we're able to recycle plastic and create accessible job opportunities for all!

Over the last month, we've continued to make good progress in refining our manufacturing processes. The staff are feeling much more comfortable with the machines now, and we're hoping to start taking some of our product ranges to market very soon!

At the start of the month, we produced these hats for the first time, as modelled by the Eco Brixs' team above.

We produce this item by making the brim (ie. the cap part) out of recycled plastic, and then inserting it into the fabric of the hat, which is sourced from a local charity that supports Ugandan youths.

All our team are loving these at the moment! We can't wait to take them to market soon, so people have the option of something which is both environmental-friendly and looks good too!

We've also perfected our angled Fence Posts, which are now ready to be sold to customers. Each post is made completely from recycled plastic - the equivalent of 462 plastic bottles.

As Dan outlines in the video above, not only are the posts environmentally-friendly, but they are water-resistant, immune to termites, and won't rust or rot. They're far superior to their concrete counterparts.

And we've been testing the strength and versatility of our lumbar too... Below the Eco Brixs' team show you a demonstration of how strong the lumbar joints are, which don't use any nails or glue to fix the corners together!

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