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  • Andy Teale

We recycled 20 tonnes of Plastic Waste in March!

In recent weeks, we've been busy recycling even more plastic than usual, alongside our friends at Standard Manufacturing Limited (SML), who are based in Kampala.

They recycle plastic into flake, but were forced to close through much of 2020 as they sell to the international recycling market, which paused due to the pandemic. However, as the world begins to reopen again, they have resumed trading and have been able to help boost our capacity by purchasing some of our plastic, which they'll then recycle into flake.

In the photo above, you can see the team loading bales of plastic onto the truck so it can be transported to Kampala.

This has come at a great time for Eco Brixs, as we continued to buy plastic from our Collectors throughout last year, in order to support their livelihoods. However, with us still only able to produce Eco-Products from plastic on a small scale, and unable to then sell to the international market, it means we couldn't get through the sheer quantity of plastic we have accumulated on-site.

Now, with SML helping to boost our recycling capacity, we've recycled over 20 tonnes of plastic in recent weeks!

As we are selling the backlog of plastic to SML, this also means we are receiving a timely cash injection to ensure we can keep purchasing plastic from the community whilst installing the new machine lines.

We can't wait to finish developing Eco Brixs HQ over the next few months, expanding our capacity to recycle even more plastic ourselves, but in the meantime, a big thank you to SML for helping us!

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