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  • Andy Teale

Creating Face Masks from Plastic Waste to protect Uganda's Medics

Headline showing Rubio from TMC demonstrating the new machines that recycles plastic waste in COVID-19 face masks

Eco Brixs is currently awaiting an exciting shipment from the Netherlands - a new machine line, developed by the technology company TMC, that will allow us to manufacture medically approved face masks from plastic flake.

This will help us expand our range of Eco-Products, and also represent a significant step in building our sustainable closed-loop system that recycles plastic waste and creates green jobs for the community by purchasing the plastic from them in exchange for payment.

The timing of these masks is especially beneficial for Uganda, as it is currently experiencing its second wave of Coronavirus, made worse by the Delta variant. Sadly, the virus has claimed the lives of 50 doctors over recent months, which puts a massive strain on an already unresourced medical service. However, these masks will present a cheap and effective way to protect staff who are risking their lives every day to help others.

TMC early design of the new COVID-19 face masks which will be created from recycled plastic waste in Uganda

To produce the masks, we simply shred the plastic waste we collect into flake, and then tip the flake into the machine (as demonstrated by Rubio above). Using a mould, the flake will then be fused into the shape of a mask.

Once the machines arrive in late September, we can't wait to get them installed and begin production.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Rubio and the whole TMC team for working so hard on the R&D of these innovative machines - we can't wait to see the impact they will help create in Uganda!


If you would like to contribute to supporting Masaka's medics through the pandemic, we are currently running a joint fundraising campaign with the Uganda Marathon, which you can donate to here.

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