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  • Andy Teale

Producing more COVID-19 face shields to protect medics

In June, we've been increasing our production of COVID-19 Face Shields to help support local clinics and hospitals. These Eco-Products, made from recycled plastic waste, are helping to protect doctors, nurses, and support staff as they work tirelessly to save as many lives as possible during Uganda's second wave of Coronavirus.

Here, you can see how 50 new face shields have been supplied to Parkinson's Si Buko, a medical organisation in the district.

Sadly, Masaka's unresourced medical services are currently under extreme pressure due to the Delta Variant and less than 2% of the population being vaccinated. Therefore, we've teamed up with the Uganda Marathon to fundraise to support the medic's efforts. If you'd like to donate and support them too, you can read more here.

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