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  • Andy Teale

Our Impact in January 2024

Eco Brixs works in partnership with the local community to recycle plastic and create green jobs. This is possible as Eco Brixs pays for every kilogram of plastic it receives from the community.


We're receiving more and more plastic from the community 📈🚚

It's been all hands on deck at Eco Brixs' HQ recently. The mornings have been getting steadily busier as we receive more deliveries of plastic from the local community.

A full truck of plastic carries over 2 tonnes of plastic through our gates, which has been collected from our network of Community Buy Back Centres spread across the region. Having these ‘hubs’ scattered across the districts ensures recycling is convenient and accessible for as many people as possible.

Once received by us, we turn the plastic waste into new Eco-Products which not only gives the plastic new life but prevents it from being burnt, buried or dumped, which is a common method of disposal in Uganda.

Compared to the downtime of December where we recycled 8 tonnes of plastic waste, the past month has seen us recycle over 30 tonnes of plastic, which in turn means we are injecting even more income into the local economy as we buy every kilogram of plastic we receive from local people.

We’ll be aiming to build on this increased impact throughout the year, which will be helped by the gradual expansion of our collection network as we fundraise to set up Community Buy Back Centres in Mbarara, Kabale and Fort Portal.

In total, the month saw us recycle 38 tonnes of plastic waste and pay $5,731 to the community in exchange for this plastic.

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