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August Newsletter: We've Completed Our Factory Build!

Eco Brixs Logo Recycling Plastic Waste in Uganda
Eco Brixs team sorting plastic waste in Uganda in order for it to be recycled

Hello, we've got some exciting news!

August has been a big month for us here at Eco Brixs, as we've taken another significant step in forming our closed-loop system to help tackle Uganda's plastic problem.

We've now finished building (ie. upcycling) our new factory complex, and have also received the new lines of machines that will allow us to create further types of Eco-Products from plastic waste.

Furthermore, we've continued to support Masaka Referral Hospital through the pandemic, by providing additional Plastic Face Shields to staff.

And if you're new to Eco Brixs story? Our latest blog can show you how our recycling network functions through a series of images!



The Eco Brixs team with an extruder to melt plastic waste down into new products through recycling

It feels like some time ago we announced ordering a small machine line to expand the variety of Eco-Products we can produce in addition to the COVID-19 Plastic Face Shields. Due to delays in international shipping relating to the pandemic, we were thrilled this week to finally be able to collect them from Uganda's capital, Kampala, and transport them to Masaka.

We collected an Extruder Machine (pictured above) and shredder (below) that will allow us to make a number of new Eco-Products, which can be sold to generate revenue so we can continue to buy plastic from the Masaka Community.

Eco Brixs team with a shredder which can break plastic waste down so it can be recycled into new things

In short, the shredder will allow us to break down plastic waste into smaller granules, which then via the extruder, can be safely melted down and pushed into a mould that will result in a new item.

Lumbar is one key item we'll be able to produce, which can be used to create items that would normally be made from wood, such as tables and chairs. However, with some practice, there is also an opportunity to make fibre which means we could soon make simple furnishings!

Eco Brixs factory which was built by upcycling a 40 foot shipping container to recycle plastic

This month has also seen us complete the conversion of the 40ft shipping container that will house the machines at Eco Brixs HQ.

The modifications have included: door and windows, installed power cables, and ramps to ensure the site is accessible to our disabled members of staff. Plus, we've used the roof to create an Educational Hub for our Eco Clubs, where we'll teach the next generation on the importance of recycling.

Our focus over the next few weeks will now be on experimenting with prototypes of new Eco-Products, before moving to mass production!



Staff from Masaka Referral Hospital with our Plastic Face Shields to protect them from COVID-19

In July, we were proud to announce that we were able to donate 200 Plastic Face Shields to Masaka Referral Hospital, which was enough to protect over 50% of the staff from COVID-19.

Well, we're thrilled to now say, that thanks to the hard work of our partners at and our supporters' generosity, we're now able to provide a face shield for EVERY keyworker at Masaka Referral Hospital. This is especially timely, as Coronavirus cases have begun to steadily rise over the past few weeks, and the referral hospital is the main medical hub for the district. Alongside our partners, we're now aiming to provide enough face shields to support each of the 14 Government Health Centres who have an average of 35 staff. If you would like to support these efforts, Namatovu has a number of new designs available, and each set of masks will help fund a face shield for a key worker, which you can find here.



Eco Brixs team sorting plastic bottles in Uganda so they can be recycled into new items

We often get questions about how our Recycling Network and the closed-loop system works. Or even just how we add value to the plastic waste...when well, it's waste isn't it?

Therefore, we thought we'd focus our latest blog on showing exactly how the foundation of our model, our recycling network, functions.

They say 'a picture is worth a thousand words', so here are 15 photos showing the system in action, which you can view here.



We'll soon be recruiting a new trustee for our UK Board. As a trustee, you'll be in a leadership position for Eco Brixs, responsible for governing and directing the organisation. It's certainly an exciting time to join - we're steadily growing and in just three years, we've made significant strives in recycling and creating jobs in Uganda.

We're looking for individuals who are passionate about the environment and international development, and if possible, have previous experience being a trustee and/or scaling up a start-up charity.

We'll post more details soon, but if you would like to be added to the initial list to have the role description emailed directly to you, please message us via our contact page here and let us know :)


If you'd like to receive Eco Brixs news directly to your inbox each month, we send out a monthly newsletter sharing all the latest developments in our efforts to tackle's Uganda's plastic problem! Please subscribe via the box below!🇺🇬

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