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  • Andy Teale

What do we do with plastic waste?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

At Eco Brixs, we pay individuals for every kilogram of plastic they bring to us. This helps to clean up the environment by removing plastic waste, whilst also helping the people who collect the plastic (our Resource Recovery Agents) to earn an income to fund necessities such as food, rent and school fees for their children.

But have you ever wondered what we do with the plastic we've purchased from the community?

To help answer this question, our Communications Manager, Martha, has produced this video to spread awareness about our work to encourage more people to join our mission to clean up plastic waste.

Martha explains in her native Lugandan language (with English subtitles) that Eco Brixs recycles the plastic waste into one of 18 different innovative Eco-Products (which are then sold to generate revenue so even more plastic waste can be purchased from the community).

These products include flower pots, garden furniture, pavers, jewellery, games, household items, gym equipment, boats(!), fabric fibre and much, much more!

Whilst plastic waste is a serious problem, these products demonstrate how it can be utilised for good. It can be given a new purpose, and through its sale, the revenue can be used to clean up even more plastic and help support people's livelihoods.

You can explore our Eco-Products range in our catalogue here, where every item contributes to a cleaner world! ♻️


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