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Eco Brixs wins Ugandan’s Environmental Sustainability Award!

We've got an exciting announcement! 🎉

To tie in with today's World Environment Day (WED), Eco Brixs was honoured to be awarded the Environmental Sustainability Award by the Ugandan Government!

This was in recognition of Eco Brixs’ inclusive model that empowers everyone in the community to participate in the recycling solution, turning plastic waste into one of 18 innovative Eco-Products, and therefore promoting the solutions that are possible through embracing the circular economy.

This is all possible as Eco Brixs pays for each kilogram of plastic it receives from members of the community, our plastic collectors. This means as plastic is exchanged for cash, green jobs are created as a result of collecting plastic waste. Then, Eco Brixs recycles the waste into new items of value, such as pavers, fence posts, furniture, and more!

It was fitting to receive this award on World Environment Day, of which this year’s theme was “Beat Plastic Pollution”. The theme is designed to remind everyone that the action of every individual matters in the fight to tackle the problem of plastic waste, and if people take action, businesses and governments will follow.

As the video by the UN highlights below, plastic has been both a benefit to us and a danger. It has provided us with convenience, affordability and utility, but its duration is a danger as it can take up to 500 years to decompose (and that's not to mention the dangers of microplastic entering soil and waters). Currently, plastic waste is suffocating the planet. Therefore, we need to embrace solutions to effectively manage plastic waste, such as rejecting single-use plastics and promoting the circular economy - where nothing is wasted and everything is resued.

Recognition by the UN Regional Service Centre

On top of our recognition by the Ugandan Government, we’re also thrilled to have been invited by the UN Regional Service Centre Entebbe (UNRSCE) to commemorate World Environment Day. They expressed their appreciation for our work as we presented to them Eco Brixs' environmental and social impact from the past year.

Below you can see photos as Dan, our Sales and Collection Manager, meets the UN centre's team.

Thank you to the Uganda Government and the UN for their recognition, and a huge thank you to everyone at Eco Brixs as well. It's the hard work of staff, volunteers, partner organisations and most importantly, our 3,000 Plastic Collectors who make this recognition and our achievements possible ♻️

Collectively, we’re showing how meaningful change is possible through utilising the circular economy to Beat Plastic Pollution!

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