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  • Andy Teale

We're using Eco-Lumber to Expand our Office

Since the beginning of the year, as we've grown our HQ in Masaka to recycle more plastic, we've needed to grow our team to help manage the increased workload. To date, our team has now grown to 33 full-time local staff members, comprises of young people, women and people with disabilities.

So to ensure everyone has a little more elbow room in the office and things don't get too cramped, we've begun construction of a new office space on the second floor of our main building. We're using our very own Eco-Lumber (made from recycled plastic waste) as part of the construction process - therefore demonstrating what's possible through recycling previously discarded plastic waste!

You can see how we're creating the additional office space using the lumber in the photos above and below this text, with each plank being made out of literally hundreds of plastic bottles, and the team producing the lumber in the photo at the bottom.

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