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  • Andy Teale

Press Conference: Announcing our new factory build

Dan, Marketing Manager, talks to the Ugandan press about our Eco Products, demonstrating Plastic lumber and Flower Pot

Last month, we announced how we're eagerly awaiting a shipment of a new machine line from our partner TMC, that will allow us to manufacture medically approved face masks from plastic flake.

In September, we officially launched the project at a press conference where we hosted reporters from some of Uganda's biggest newspapers.

Alongside the new machine line, we're also developing our HQ to accommodate the new technology. Renovations include a new building to house the recycling machines, as well as outdoor areas to wash the plastic waste we gather and shelter it once it's been recycled.

Construction is now underway at Eco Brixs HQ, and the machines are currently in transit in India, as they make their way from Holland to Uganda.

Watch this space - we'll have more exciting updates on this soon, which will include photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin.

Several Ugandan reporters gather at Eco Brixs HQ to hear about the new factory complex that will allow face masks to be made from recycled plastic waste

Andy Bownds, Eco Brixs CEO, talks to the Ugandan press about creating products from plastic waste and demonstrates lumber poles and photo frames


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