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  • Andy Teale

Construction continues at Eco Brixs' HQ: Upcycling shipping containers for our new product lines

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Upcycling shipping containers at Eco Brixs HQ to hold machine lines for Eco Bricks

At Eco Brixs HQ in the district of Masaka in Uganda, we're continuing to make good progress in developing our new factory lines, so we can offer a wider range of products made from 100% recycled plastic.

Like the 40ft shipping container we converted last summer, we've made good headway on upcycling the two additional ones we purchased in late 2020. Each will hold a different machine line - one to produce bricks and the other will produce PPE face masks (to European manufacturing standards).

The containers have now been 'shaped' by cutting out the required areas to add things like doors and windows, and electricity cables have been fitted to provide power and lighting to the installations. Now, all that remains is to paint the containers and then install the machines when they arrive later in the year.

With these new machines, we'll be able to recycle even more plastic, and through selling the newly made Eco-Products, we'll be able to continue to fund the Collection Network, which means more job opportunities for the community.

We have also added an eco-friendly toilet block to our HQ, amongst the banana trees within the grounds. These toilets are bio-digestible, which means they breakdown waste by using bacteria and a series of chambers, which is much cleaner and energy-efficient than traditional means.

To construct the shelter, we even used some of our lumbar (made from recycled plastic) alongside the wood and concrete used in the build (just below the roof, laying horizontally) in the photo below. And even the toilet holders are made from recycled plastic, as demonstrated by Emma below!

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