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  • Andy Teale

The World Circular Economy Forum + Climate Conference

In mid-April, Eco Brixs was lucky enough to appear on CirculariTV, which hosted the WCEF+Climate Conference to discuss the circular business model.

The digital conference, which brought together leaders, businesses, knowledge institutes, and citizens, aimed to promote ways for us all to transition to a circular economy. In turn, this will drastically improve global resource efficiency and also help meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our CEO Andy features in the video above alongside two other leaders from the circular economy - one from the Netherlands and one from Ghana. Together, they discuss how economic value can be created from waste, and by transforming it into a valuable resource, it can lead to social, environmental, and economical benefits.

Andy's interview begins at [timecode] 05:40 where he discusses the Eco Brixs story and his experiences from being an entrepreneur in Uganda.

Then, at 06:18, there is a chance for you to see the whole Eco Brixs team in action at our HQ, as they demonstrate our model, its impact, and how our Eco-Products are made!


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