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The Journey of a Plastic Bottle: How Plastic Waste is harming Uganda

Eco Brixs has once again teamed up with The Glass Passport Project to produce a new video on the dangers of plastic waste.

In our 5 minute documentary, we demonstrate the journey of a plastic bottle, which has been "harmlessly" dropped in Uganda by a group of friends, instead of being disposed of safely.

Not only will this one bottle take over 450 years to decompose, but it can also:

  • end up being burnt, due to a lack of waste management facilities, posing a serious threat to the environment and people's health.

  • damage our oceans and waterways, as well as result in microplastic particles entering our food chain.

  • pose a significant danger to cattle and crop yields, which is especially influential in Uganda due to agriculture being a core pillar of the economy.

  • Provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos, which kills thousands of people each year in Uganda.

But there is an alternative...

The community can collect their plastic waste and bring it to Eco Brixs. Through our recycling infrastructure, we can ensure it is safely recycled, protecting both people and the environment.

Not only that, but we'll weigh it and pay people for it! Using this method, we've been able to create thousands of inclusive income opportunities for individuals.

And as well as recycling, like Sarah, Dan and Sian from the Eco Brixs team highlight, don't forget to reduce and reuse plastic. This is even better!


➡️ Look out for our series of short clips from this documentary, which we'll be releasing on social media. You can follow us on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Please like and share these posts, and help us to spread the message of just how dangerous plastic waste is to Uganda (and the world!)

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Zack Burns
Zack Burns
Mar 03, 2023

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