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Tutator and Eco Brixs Forge Technological Partnership for Sustainable Impact in Uganda

Eco Brixs and Tutator Partnership Banner

Tutator and Eco Brixs are collaborating to launch a new digital application designed to record, analyze, and disseminate impact data from Eco Brixs’ community-driven recycling program in Uganda. This initiative aims to enhance Eco Brixs’ operational efficiency, enabling the organization to provide better services to its beneficiaries and generate real-time impact data, further amplifying its effectiveness in driving positive change.

Eco Brix CEO Andy Bownds and Foundation Tutator President Gillies Concordel

Fondation Tutator, a Swiss non-profit, leverages technology to improve global social services. In its “Tutator Forward 2023-2024” grant program, over 800 organizations applied for tailored software solutions. After a rigorous selection process, Eco Brixs was chosen as a winner to enhance its impactful initiatives.

Gilles Concordel, President of Fondation Tutator, expresses his enthusiasm for the project, stating: “At Tutator, our mission is to amplify the impact of social organizations globally. We are thrilled with our partnership with Eco Brixs, which promises to significantly enhance the welfare of families in Uganda and contribute positively to the environment.”

Two ladies in Uganda collecting plastic for recycling

Founded in 2018, Eco Brixs is a registered charity addressing plastic pollution and unemployment in Uganda. It buys plastic waste from local communities, recycles it into new products, and reinvests the income to purchase more plastic waste, creating a sustainable cycle. To date, Eco Brixs has recycled 1000 tonnes of plastic waste and provided jobs for over 3,000 marginalized individuals.

Currently, Eco Brixs collects impact data through a labour-intensive process of writing paper receipts and manually inputting data into a database. With Tutator’s support in developing new software, Eco Brixs’ staff in Masaka City and 44 Recycling Hubs will digitally capture this data. This solution allows for automatic uploads to a new database, reducing processing time from days to minutes and enabling deeper insights into their beneficiaries.

As Bashira Mirembe, Eco Brixs’ Monitoring & Evaluation Manager, says: “The new app will make a big difference for our plastic collectors. With it, we can easily track how much plastic they collect, helping us understand their hard work better. Together, we’re making a real difference in keeping our planet clean!”

New Eco Brixs Monitoring & Evaluation App Log in page

Eco Brixs’ CEO, Andy Bownds, looks forward to using real-time impact data to enhance transparency and accountability in the charity sector: “The Management & Evaluation app will streamline our data collection, helping us better understand the needs of our beneficiary base and maximizing plastic waste collection. Analyzing and reacting in real-time means we can empower our beneficiaries quickly – planning expansion, awareness campaigns, and logistics in line with our sustainability needs.”

The new software is scheduled for launch in Autumn 2024 and will be available at, marking a significant milestone in Eco Brixs and Tutator’s journey towards leveraging technology for sustainable impact in Uganda.

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