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The Sustainable Markets Initiative and Terra Carta - We're now an official supporter

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Eco Brixs is an official supporter of Prince Charles's Terra Carta

Eco Brixs is proud to have recently been named a supporter of the new Terra Carta programme, which was launched in January '21 by HRH Prince Charles as apart of the 'Sustainable Markets Initiative' (SMI).

SMI aims to lead the way in the world's transition to sustainable markets, which puts nature, people and the planet first, whilst balancing value creation and economic development. Members of the initiative are seen as leaders in this shift, who together, are championing the move where social responsibility is incentivised and financially appealing.

The Terra Carta is a charter launched by SMI to mark Prince Charles's 50th year of campaigning for the environment. This charter puts sustainability at the centre of private sector development and offers the basis of a recovery plan for the world's environment up to 2030, by looking for ways to work with nature as opposed to using its resources without giving back.

The charter serves as an urgent appeal to private sector leaders around the world to join the endeavour, and at Eco Brixs we're proud to be one of the first organisations to join the charter as a supporter, especially as our model is based on putting the environment and people first, through recycling and creating job opportunities.

HRH Prince Charles explains what the Terra Carta is in this inspirational video - thanks to RE TV

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