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  • Andy Teale

"Plastic is WACK" - launching our new 'green' t-shirts & bags

Just because... 'Plastic is WACK'

Are you looking for something a little different this Christmas?

We've recently launched our 'Plastic is Wack' t-shirts and reusable bags. These trendy new items not only look great (if we do say so ourselves), but also allow you to make a big difference in Uganda!

For each t-shirt/bag sold, we can use the profits to recycle 30kg of plastic waste in Uganda, which is the equivalent of 1,260 plastic bottles, as well as help pay our Plastic Collectors so they can afford essentials such as rent, food, and school fees for their children.

Plus, Teemill Tech Ltd will plant a tree for every order received to help fight deforestation. They'll also only print to order, use sustainable materials, and power the production process through renewable energy!

A huge thank you to our friend Anthony Topham for designing these! Check out the full range of 'green' products below...


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