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  • Andy Teale

Expanding our Recycling Network to help Lake Victoria and 7 new communities

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Over the last few weeks, we've been working hard to expand our network of Community Recycling Centres in the area. By providing more centres, it gives more people access to facilities where they can recycle their plastic waste.

We've open 4 new centres in partnership with local churches and the Masaka Dioceses, as well as 3 new sites around Lake Victoria, helping to tackle the huge plastic problem there. Sadly, Africa's largest lake is being gradually suffocated with plastic waste, putting wildlife and millions of livelihoods at risk, and we're keen to help tackle the problem.

So far the centres at Lake Victoria have proved a huge success (as in partnership with the local community) we've been able to remove over 1 tonne of plastic from the lake. As you read this, our team at HQ is now busily shredding the plastic so it can be recycled into new Eco-Products!

If you'd like to support our efforts to clean up plastic from the lake and the rest of Uganda, whilst also offsetting your own plastic usage, you can do so here via our new website,


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