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  • Andy Teale

How much plastic does the average person use per month?

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Sinan, at Eco Brixs HQ, demonstrates how much plastic the average person goes through per month


There's one week to go until we launch 'Plastic Action' for Plastic Free July, our new initiative to help people and businesses offset (and reduce) their plastic consumption, whilst also empowering Ugandan communities to recycle.

And to mark the countdown, we ask an important question - "How much plastic does the average person use per month?"

Sinan, in the video, introduces Plastic Action and tells us about the plastic consumption habits of the average person...


And the answer is...

plastic action logo for plastic offsetting

As Sinan explains to us, on global average, a person's plastic consumption is 4kg per month.

And in all honesty, whilst it doesn't sound a lot, when you see the big bag of plastic beside Sinan, you realise how much plastic that is. Now, imagine that multiplied by the planet's population, every month!And this isn't surprising really - plastic is all around us and in practically everything we use (and throw away!). From packaging to furniture, to office supplies and our technology. It's no surprise plastic waste is slowly consuming our planet.

However, through Plastic Action, there is an opportunity to help tackle the plastic problem. The programme allows you to simultaneously:

  • Ensure you are recycling at least the amount of plastic you use (hopefully more!)

  • Create 'Green Jobs', helping Plastic Collectors to earn a living wage

  • Contribute to our work in developing a circular economy, helping to put an end to plastic waste for good!

Eco Brixs team from the disabled community amongst plastic waste to be recycled

Furthermore, you'll be joining our Plastic Action Community, where we'll share advice to help you steadily reduce your plastic consumption altogether.

To ensure you're recycling at least 4kg of plastic per month, you can join us now in #TakingPlasticAction through our monthly subscription or annual offset.

And if you'd like to find out more about Plastic Action, you can explore our new website.



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