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Eco Brixs makes the Front Page!

Recently, we've written about a number of operational activities happening at Eco Brixs HQ in Uganda. From continuing to implement our COVID-19 relief programme, to launching our first products, the past few weeks have flown by!

However, on top of our operational efforts to recycle plastic and support the community around us, we also wanted to share how the team has been busy spreading the Eco Brixs' message.

National newspapers, radio, podcasts, collaborations and webinars... here are some of the opportunities we're thrilled to have been involved with...

Featured in Uganda's National Newspaper: the New Vision

Following the set up of our new factory line to produce Face Shields from recycled plastic waste (to protect frontline workers from COVID-19), we were thrilled to appear on the front page of the New Vision newspaper on Monday 8th June.

Printed in the capital city of Kampala, the newspaper is one of two main English language papers in Uganda and has a large following.

We were especially excited to see we'd made the front page, and that our efforts to use our business model to help people through the pandemic have been recognised.

Later that week, on June 10th, there was also a follow-up article covering Eco Brixs in more depth. It highlighted how we're creating income opportunities amongst the community whilst collecting the plastic required - by purchasing each kilogram of plastic waste brought to us.

Radio Interviews in Masaka and Kampala

Following our press coverage in the New Vision newspaper, we had a group of journalist spontaneously visit Eco Brixs on Tuesday 16th June, keen to see the team in action, making the Face Shields.

Johnson, Regina and Mukalazi, from the main site team, were all interviewed. They explained what Eco Brixs does and how these new Face Shields are helping the community. Their interviews will shortly be published on local and national radio stations.

Likewise, our student team, Sarah, Sinan and Dan, who live in the capital city of Kampala, recently featured on Uganda's Pearl FM Radio. They attend Makerere University and are very passionate about the environment. They each hold an environmental role within their university and have helped organise a number of green campaigns. We're very lucky to have them on board, supporting our work!

On air, they discussed what plastic pollution means for Uganda, how it can potentially be tackled, and what it's pros and cons are in the fight against Coronavirus.

Webinars and Podcasts

Continuing the discussions on recycling, last week saw our two founders, Andy and Gee, feature on the 'Circular Economy Lab' webinar series.

Hosted by the Circular Economy Lab team at Oxford University Business School, it focuses on encouraging the change necessary to help society transition to a circular economy. They chatted with our founders about the plastic circular economy we're trying to build in Uganda and how circular economies, through continued innovation, can eventually make a difference on a global scale.

It was a privilege to be able to chat with so many inspiring people from the sector, including Nikki Kapp from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

This follows on from Andy's appearance and discussions on the Circular Economy Podcast earlier in the year, which you can listen to here.

We've been incredibly fortunate over 2020 to collaborate with so many experts from the field, and also to be able to share our work in Uganda - developing a closed-loop system through recycling plastic and creating income opportunities.

As our operation on the ground continue to gain momentum, and we set up our machine lines to make Eco-Products from recycled waste, it's been equally exciting to be recognised on various media platforms.

These opportunities are priceless, not just in helping us to spread the Eco Brixs's message, but in helping us to develop the closed-loop system we envision to help Uganda both environmentally and economically.

Speaking of which - we'll enter the next stage of developing our closed-loop system next week, creating a factory to house our Eco-Product machine lines...

...by up-cycling a 40ft shipping container!

Seemed to be much more environmentally-friendly than building a brand new factory! :)

Watch this space!

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