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Plastic waste bailed at Eco Brixs HQ for

What We Do

Recycling Plastic | Creating Green Jobs | Empowering People

We're working to tackle the issue of plastic waste in Uganda, using our closed-loop recycling system.

Through our unqiue model, we're creating green jobs and empowering everyone to be apart of the solution.


Community Recycling

The centres are placed in busy community hubs such as near markets and churches. This makes recycling easy.

When we receive plastic, we weigh it and pay the collector by the kilogram, in a quick and easy transaction.

We've established a widespread network of Community Recycling Centres across Uganda. This provides the infrastructure so people can dispose of plastic waste in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

To incentivise the scheme and to help tackle poverty, we pay the collector for the plastic they bring to us.

We've spread the centres across a network, ensuring recycling is accessible to thousands and thousands of people.

Inclusive Employment Opportunities

We're creating an economic impact too. By paying people for their plastic waste, we're creating accessible job opportunities, open to all, including marginalised groups.


This is especially important as poverty and unemployment are widespread in Uganda.

Eco-Products & Sustainability

We recycle the plastic brought to us into a variety of new items, which we then sell to generate funds. With this revenue, we can continue to purchase plastic from the community.


Hence, our closed-loop system in action - allowing us to recycle plastic and create job opportunities in a sustainable way.




We're creating innovative items from waste - from something that was previously considered worthless.

We give trash a value...

Compared to their traditional counterparts, our products are:

More environmentally-friendly





More durable

We're empowering communities to join the global mission to protect the planet... 

Women are crucial in the efforts to reverse environmental damage. We working to ensure they're key players in the changes required.

Women Empowerment

Sorters sorting plastic waste at Eco Bri

We're educating children on environmental protection and the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. 


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Our advocacy programmes seek to inspire change through action, helping communities to transition to greener ways of living.




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