Plastic waste bailed at Eco Brixs HQ for

Our Model

Tackling Plastic Waste and Creating Jobs in Uganda

Eco Brixs is a closed-loop recycling model to help tackle the issue of plastic waste and create employment in Uganda.

Our model has resulted in over 1000 individuals receiving extra income from the plastic waste chain created by Eco Brixs, 20 full-time staff on the books, up to 15 tons of plastic collected each month, and over $42,000 being injected into the local community. 


We’re demonstrating sustainable development at its best.

The process starts with members of the local community delivering plastic waste in exchange for payment to one of our Eco Brixs Community Recycling Centres (or main Eco Brixs site).

Children in uganda collecting plastic to be recycled
The Eco Brixs team sort the plastic waste by type and colour, ready for it to be recycled

The plastic waste is then brought to our main Eco Brixs site by our team, where it is sorted.

It is then either recycled by us into Eco Brixs (a plastic-sand composite pavers) or bundled, transported and sold to plastic processors in Kampala. 

The plastic waste is recycled into our Eco-Products, such as bricks or pavers, known as our 'Ecobrix' or 'Ecobrixs'

Our model is sustainable, scalable and most importantly, it’s working.


To date we have removed nearly 200 tonnes of plastic from the environment which would have otherwise been sent to landfill or illegally burnt.

And we're not only focused on protecting our natural world from plastic waste.


We're also about educating the next generation, leveraging local talent and creating much-needed employment opportunities through sustainable job creation, rather than being dependent on handouts. 

Eco Club at Eco Brixs HQ completed workshop

We've created 20 EcoClubs in local schools and specifically focus on employing some of the most vulnerable members of society - we're incredibly proud that half of our workforce are disabled with previously no employment opportunities.

Eco Brixs specilises in employing the disabled, who manage our Community Recycling Centres throughout the community

Our Impact

Our Story

Find out about where we came from, our vision, and our team

Find out about the massive environmental and economic impact we're having in Uganda

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