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  • Andy Teale

Eco Brixs featured in the New Vision and the Daily Monitor

To tie in with last week's World Environmental Day on 5th June, Eco Brixs was honoured to have two articles published about its work in Ugandan national newspapers, the New Vision and the Daily Monitor.

The reports focused on the country's growing problem regarding the disposal of plastic waste, where over 600 tonnes of plastic is disposed of each day and there are insufficient waste management services to meet this demand.

The papers highlighted Eco Brixs for its circular model and as an example of how the plastic problem can be tackled. Eco Brixs circular nature means all the plastic waste it receives can be recycled into new items of value, our Eco-Products.

Furthermore, as the model pays people for the plastic they collect, it also means people can earn an income as they recycle, which is how Eco Brixs creates green jobs whilst simultaneously cleaning up plastic waste. The process is made easy for everyone too, as Eco Brixs has over 40 Community Recycling Centres spread across two districts, so people can drop off plastic at their convenience as well.

To date, this model has allowed us to:

  • Recycle over 730 tonnes of plastic waste

  • Support over 3,000 people financially by exchanging cash for plastic

  • Provide these income opportunities to everyone, but especially vulnerable community members, such as youths, people with disabilities and women

  • Establish 44 Community Recycling Centres across the Masaka district and along the shores of Lake Victoria so thousands of people have access to plastic recycling facilities

  • Create over 18 different types of Eco-Products

A huge thank you to the New Vision and Daily Monitor for helping us to raise awareness about the plastic problem and promote our circular model. We hope to work with you all again soon!


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