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Andy Wins a Special Award from The University of Winchester 🎓

In an award-winning year for Eco Brixs, we've won another one!

This time, our CEO, Andy Bownds, has been awarded the 'Force For Good Award' by The University of Winchester, which is where he studied for his undergraduate degree.

This prize is awarded to former students who have selflessly given their time and energy to benefit the wider community, creating an overall positive impact on society through their work.

This sums up Andy's efforts in Uganda perfectly. As one of the co-founders of Eco Brixs, he has built the organisation from the ground up since 2017. Living in Masaka, Andy started the project by buying and collecting plastic in his back garden so his neighbours could start recycling.

Six years on, the organisation has grown to operate across two districts, empowering 3,000 disadvantaged people to recycle plastic whilst simultaneously earning an income from the process.

A huge well done Andy, from everyone in the Eco Brixs team! 👏

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