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  • Andy Teale

Uganda Marathon Runners Make their Trip to Uganda Carbon Neutral - by planting 100 Fruit Trees!

One of the baby trees planted by the Uganda Marathon runners donated trees to cover the CO2 emissions of their flights to Uganda

Each year, 150 International Runners travel to Masaka as part of the Uganda Marathon event, a week-long adventure based on community work and leaving a lasting impact in the town via fundraising.

The majority of them will fly to Uganda, which we all know is damaging to the environment. However, an initiative between the Uganda Marathon and Eco Brixs has meant runners have had the opportunity to cancel out the carbon footprint from the trip!

By paying an additional $33 on top of their fee to take part in the 7-Day Adventure, this has meant Eco Brixs has been able to plant a field of over 100 fruit trees in Masaka. They will remove one ton of CO2 each over their life-time, and help to cancel out the CO2 emissions caused by runner's participation in the event, including things like CO2 from their flight, on-the-ground transport and logistics across the week.

The money raised through the Carbon Neutral Campaign will also help to recycle 500kg of plastic waste in Masaka.

A big thank you to all the runners who contributed - this is another great example of how you've left a special legacy in Masaka!

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