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  • Andy Teale

Four new Community Recycling Centres constructed - with the help of the 2019 Uganda Marathon Runners

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Runners from the Uganda Marathon build Community Recycling Centres for the people of Masaka to bring their plastic waste to to be recycled

Each year, 150 International Runners travel to Masaka as part of the Uganda Marathon event, a week-long adventure based on community work and leaving a lasting impact in the town via fundraising.

This year, as part of the itinerary, runners helped us construct 4 new sites for the community to bring their plastic waste to, and in exchange, we can give them cash to help them generate an income. The locations of the four new Community Recycling Centres are:

1. Villa road site

2. Kitante site

3. Kabonera site

4. Nkoni site

By helping us to expand our network through these sites, it makes it even easier for the community to bring their plastic to us. We've built these new sites in central hubs of the community - where people already often go in their day-to-day lives!

In just over two weeks, these new sites have helped collect 1,666kg of plastic waste, providing a valuable income for some of the most vulnerable in the community, equalling an amazing 550,000 UGX!

Two disabled community members have also gained employment, alongside two vulnerable youths. They'll manage these sites as part of the Eco Brixs team.

A big thank you to all the runners who came to Masaka to run the marathon, and left an incredible legacy with us, as well as the whole community!

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