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December Newsletter ♻️ We're recycling more and more plastic!

Eco Brixs Community Recycling Centre managed by Mukalazi who is disabled

In partnership with the community, we're recycling more and more plastic!


Over the last few weeks, we've seen our Collection Network of recycling centres become increasingly popular. More and more people in the Masaka community have been bringing us their plastic waste so it can be recycled - helping them to earn an income whilst also tackling Uganda's plastic problem!

We've also formed some exciting new friendships. Firstly, with The Africa Centre in London, who are helping us to sell our face masks, and secondly, with Uganda's Business and Disability Network (UBDN), which aims to create inclusive workspaces.

In addition, Eco Brixs' HQ continues to expand as we prepare to open new production lines in 2021.



Ssali Edward is one of Eco Brixs plastic waste collectors, using it to earn an income in Uganda

Over recent weeks, we've had more and more people in the local community bring us their plastic waste so we can recycle it!

This has been great for the environment, but it has also given local people a much needed economic boost following lockdown this year, as we purchase every kilogram of plastic brought to us.

Collectors such as Ssali Edward (pictured above), who have made plastic collection their full-time job, have been stockpiling plastic over 2020, even when our services were put on hold due to lockdown, and is now able to reap the rewards! He brought us 200kg of sorted plastic waste and promises there is more to come!

Schools are collecting plastic under our 'Plastic For Education' campaign to help pay for school fees following lockdown

We've also had a number of schools in the area collect large quantities of plastic under our 'Plastic for Education' programme, wherein exchange for plastic waste, we've been providing funds to cover school fees so children can continue education despite the recent financial hardships caused by the pandemic.

As you can see from the photo above, we've had schools collect bags and bags of plastic waste, which has a positive impact on the environment, their education, and encourages good 'green habits' from a young age!

Plastic waste being weighed at Eco Brixs HQ so it can be recycled and exchange for income

Alongside collectors and schools, we've also had local organisations collecting plastic. Pictured above, a local charity known as Kitovu brought us 60kg of plastic so it could be recycled!

In terms of plastic collection, it's been a really strong finish to 2020, which helps Masaka environmentally, economically and socially!



The Africa Centre Logo

We're excited to announce we've formed a new partnership with The Africa Centre in London.

The registered charity was formed in 1964 and is currently based in Southwark. Its mission is to create and promote authentic African cultural experiences, through a series of platforms such as creative expression, social interactions, cultural exchange and entrepreneurship.

Eco Brixs facemasks which help fund face shields for Ugandan frontline workers and donates to the Africa Centre

During our visit to their HQ, we were really taken back by the excellent work they are doing and we're looking forward to working with them on a number of collaborations in 2021!

Currently, they are helping us sell our ethically sourced facemasks in the UK. Each purchase will fund a plastic face shield for a frontline worker in Uganda and also donate 10% of the purchase to The Africa Centre.

These limited editions facemasks, made especially for The Africa Centre, are a perfect New Year's gift for someone! And with discount code byebye2020 you can currently save 20% on your purchase.



The new gate at Eco Brixs HQ so customers can buy Eco-Products in bulk and collect them

Following last month's news of us using our latest Eco-Products, our poles, to fence the extension of land that will house our new production lines for 2021, we've got some more HQ developments to tell you about!

Firstly, we've added a new gate to the premises (pictured above), which will be exclusively for customers to use. This will allow vehicles to easily enter the grounds and collect bulk orders of our Eco-Products.

2 shipping containers to be converted into our new production lines for Eco-Products

Secondly, our CEO Andy, has recently been to the capital city of Kampala to purchase 2 more 40ft shipping containers, which will be delivered to us any day now!

Like the one we purchased earlier in the year, we plan to upcycle these so they can each hold a production line. After all, it feels much more environmentally-friendly to reuse something already made, than construct new buildings! :)

These new structures will hold manufacturing lines that will produce bricks, pavers, and water filters - all made from recycled plastic waste!

Eco Brixs CEO Andy Bownds in one of the shipping containers that will house a new Eco-Product manufacturing line for recycled plastic waste

We're hoping production from these new lines can begin as early as in the first quarter of next year.

In terms of developing our main site, we can't believe how far it's come in 2020! If you'd like to see for yourself just how much change has occurred, check out a blog we shared earlier in the year, below!




We were very proud this month to join 'Uganda's Business and Disability Network', which works towards creating workplaces and company cultures that are respectful and inclusive towards people with disabilities (PWD).

Mukalazi, representing Eco Brixsat a Disability Inclusion Training session organised by MADIPHA & ADD (Action on Disability & Development) International

This is especially relevant to our business model as we focus on providing job opportunities to PWD, encouraging them to manage our Community Recycling Centres in our Collection Network. Currently, we employ 13 people who live with disabilities.

Similarly, one of our longest serving team members and PWD, Mukalazi, represented Eco Brixs last week at a Disability Inclusion Training session organised by MADIPHA & ADD (Action on Disability & Development) International. He will use the knowledge from the day to help improve Eco Brixs's working environment for PWD even further!


🎄 On behalf of the whole Eco Brixs team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. A big thank you for your kind support throughout 2020!


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