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November Newsletter ♻️ Creating fence posts from plastic Waste

We're continuing to build, brick by brick...


In November, we've continued our efforts to develop Eco Brixs on multiple fronts, as we look to create our independent, closed-loop system for plastic waste management in Uganda.

We've begun to use our latest Eco-Product, fence posts, to fence an extension of land that will allow us to set up an additional production line in 2021.

We've also grown the Eco Brixs team - welcoming three new trustees to the UK board and a new driver to our HQ in Masaka.

Furthermore, to celebrate Global Entrepreneur Week, we've also produced a new video with our partners at the Queen's Commonwealth Trust to tell our story, which you can view in full below!


Global Entrepreneurship Week

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which ran from 16-22nd November, we were thrilled to be featured by our partners at the Queen's Commonwealth Trust (QCT), who produced this fantastic vide on our behalf.

The week celebrates entrepreneurship and encourages people to explore their potential of becoming entrepreneurs, through fostering connections and collaboration.

The video tells the Eco Brixs story so far and demonstrates how our model is helping to tackle Uganda's plastic problem whilst creating jobs. It features interviews with the team in Masaka and shows our latest Eco-Product being produced.

You can view the full video by clicking the image above!



At Eco Brixs HQ, we've been putting our latest Eco-Products to the test! We've been using these newly manufactured poles, which are each made from 210 recycled plastic bottles, to fence an extension of the land where our HQ operates.

There have been several advantages to this. Firstly, it allows us to fence the area in an environmentally-friendly way, reusing plastic that would have been discarded as waste.

Secondly, it's allowing us to perfect the manufacturing process of this new product, which we are aiming to start selling to the mass market in early next year.

This new area at our main site will be home to a new production line, which will produce the very 'brixs' in our name in 2021.



In November, we've been thrilled to welcome several new people to the Eco Brixs family!

Firstly, a big welcome to our three new trustees who will join the UK Board: Tony, Martin & Anjana. They bring a wealth of experience to the organisation and will help steer the direction of Eco Brixs as it looks to establish a closed-loop system and expand its model throughout Uganda.

Then, excitingly in Masaka, we gave a big welcome to 'Matovu Juma' who is joining the Eco Brixs team as our new driver. He will be performing the crucial role of driving the Eco Brixs truck, and seeing that plastic waste is delivered from our 20+ collection sites across the region to our HQ where it can be recycled into new items - our Eco-Products.

This role allows our collection network to function and we're thrilled to have Juma join us in this vital role!



To close this month's newsletter, we wanted to introduce you to the puppies which live at Eco Brixs HQ, and the greeting our team receive each morning when they arrive at work.

Meet Zazu, Rafiki, Simba, Nala and Bob!

As you can imagine, it's not a bad way to start the day! :)


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