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  • Andy Teale

A Plastic-free Make-over! New Uniforms and Branding for 2020

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

The Eco Brixs team in Masaka in their new green uniforms

Here at Eco Brixs, we've had lots of exciting news to begin the new decade with, from smashing records to the announcements of new friends (all of which you can read about in our latest newsletter). But of all the good bits of news we've had recently, one we're really excited about is - as everyone will be able to see it - our new uniforms and branding!

That's right, we've had a plastic-free make-over!

Now, whilst there's a hint of us jumping on that 'new year, new us' bandwagon with our timing 😉, what makes our new branding update especially significant, is we've launched it now to coincide with our plans to grow our presence beyond our current 20 Community Recycling Sites in the Masaka, to all across Uganda!

That's right, soon we aim to offer a plastic recycling network to encompass the whole country, helping the environment whilst also helping people to earn an income!

Worn by all our staff, we're looking forward to our new vibrant and eye-catching uniforms, giving our team a clear presence amongst the communities they work with. Likewise, our excellent new signs will help people to recognise where (and how) they can recycle their plastic in exchange for income, and also easily see how convenient it is, as we place our sites in busy community hubs where people already go in their day-to-day lives.

John from the Masaka Charity, Youth with A Vision, has helped produce our new branded uniforms and signs

A big thank you to our supporters for helping to make this all possible, namely the Queens Commonwealth Trust for the assistance with funding, and for John Mugabi (pictured top right) for designing and creating the new uniforms and signs.

If you're in Uganda, do look out for our new branding as we grow, and if you spot the 'plastic people' out and about in their new eye-catching uniforms, do come and say hello! 👋🏽

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