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  • Andy Teale

Eco Brixs joins the 'Grow Up' Incubator for Green Social Businesses

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We're excited to be accepted as one of the first cohorts onto the 'GrowUp' Incubator for Green Social Businesses, hosted by the Yunus Environment Hub! This programme has been established by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Prof Muhammad Yunus.

This six-month business accelerator programme is designed to help green businesses that are working to solve environmental problems in a financially sustainable manner, helping them to scale up their operations in order to increase their impact.

The course includes tailored guidance on scaling up, strategy, customer service, marketing products and impact evaluation.

A big shoutout to Dan and Sinan from our team at HQ - they pitched Eco Brixs, which resulted in us being selected from 24 organisations across East Africa!

We're now having a tailored programme prepared for us by Yunus's organisation and we look forward to beginning the course over the next few weeks!

Yunus Environment Hub ispirational quote by Wangari Maathai

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