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February’s News and Impact

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Climate Change Campaigns in Kenya and Kampala, meeting H.E. Ambassador Moto in London, and having visitors at Eco Brixs HQ

February has flown by here in Uganda, in a month of international exposure and plastic expansion! From Climate Change Campaigns in Kenya and Kampala, to meeting with H.E. Ambassador Moto in London, to welcoming visitors from around the world - it's been a busy month here at Eco Brixs HQ!

Below we give you an overview of all our recent happenings, plus our lastest stats of Impact in our efforts to tackle Uganda's plastic problem!



Renew Our World, Tearfund, Logo

We're thrilled to formally announce we'll be launching Uganda's first Youth Climate Change Movement in partnership with Renew Our World. This youth-led movement will see us create a petition to the Ugandan Government, a documentary film to raise awareness about plastic pollution, an interactive map locating recycling collection points across all major towns in Uganda, and hold a major conference.



The Eco Brixs team attended Tearfund Conference on Climate Change

This month we represented Uganda at Tearfund's Climate Conference in Nairobi along with three students from Makerere University - Sarah, Daniel and Sinan, who have been a fantastic addition to our team. We then marched against plastic pollution for Earth Day 2020 in Kampala alongside the environmental activist, Vanessa Nakate, who hit international headlines earlier this year at Davos.



Gee Elliott, our founder and Chair, meets H.E Ambassador Moto in London, showing him the Eco Brix

We were invited to meet with H.E Ambassador Moto in London to present our innovative plastic-sand paver and explain how we're creating much-needed employment in low-income communities. We also discussed the need for collaborative action from across all stakeholders to halt Uganda's climate emergency, and we're now looking forward to working with the Government more closely as our footprint expands across the country.



The manager of our new recycling centre in Entebbe

We're pleased to announce that February saw us expand our collection network beyond the Masaka district, to Entebbe, which represents a significant milestone in our efforts to expand across Uganda!

Three collection sites have now been established there, headed up by our newest collection site manager, Robert Sendagi (left). We're very excited to expand into a brand new district and start tackling the plastic problem in a whole new area!



VIA volunteers from Germany visit Eco Brixs HQ to see how we recycle plastic

The past few weeks have seen us welcome several different groups of visitors to Eco Brixs HQ, including VIA volunteers and a group from Germany!

A big shout out to you both - thanks for visiting us to learn about Uganda's plastic problem and to see how we're tackling the challenge!

If you'd like to visit us in Uganda, please do contact us - we'd love to have you! 😍



Johnson, our Operations Manager helps a new school set up an Eco Club in Masaka, Uganda

A big welcome to St Goreth primary school who make up our newest Eco Club!

We visited these students in February, at their school, to teach them about protecting the environment and to help them upcycle recycling bins out of waste plastic.

Like all our Eco Clubs, they now have the means to recycle at school and start learning green habits from a young age!



Our Eco-Products, the Eco Brixs or Eco Brixs, made from recycled plastic waste

We are currently focused on raising finance to construct our factory line. This will enable us to use new technology to manufacture our plastic-sand pavers and secure the future of thousands of people who rely on the extra income they gain from plastic collection.

If you are interested in supporting this venture and / or know of anyone with an interest in tech innovation and climate change, please contact us.

Do feel free to share this with your network as well 🙂



To date, we've now:

recycled over 250 tonnes of plastic waste

created 2,500 income opportunities

set up 20 Community Recycling Centre across Uganda

established 31 Eco Clubs - inspiring over 900 change-makers of tomorrow!


If you'd like to receive Eco Brixs news directly to your inbox each month, we send out a monthly newsletter sharing all the latest developments in our efforts to tackle's Uganda's plastic problem! Please subscribe via the box below! 🇺🇬


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