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Buy a Face Mask and help protect a frontline worker in Uganda

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We're now selling Face Masks to support the community of Masaka!

Two Eco Brixs supporters who have purchased our face masks to help support Masaka through COVID-19

Two of our supporters in the UK, who have each purchased a mask to support the production of a Plastic Face Shield for a frontline worker in Masaka


At Eco Brixs, we're currently doing everything we can to help the Masaka community navigate the challenges of COVID-19. One programme we're currently running is the production of fabric Face Masks, which we're selling online. Our team has been busy producing these in the UK, each handcrafted and made from beautiful African Fabric. For every 2 masks we sell, it will fund the production of a Plastic Face Shield for a frontline worker in Masaka, which we've been producing by recycling plastic waste there.

Packaged Eco Brixs face masks made from African fabric to support frontline workers in Uganda

The fabric masks are:

✔️ Handcrafted from African Kitenge fabric ✔️ Washable ✔️ Available in 3 vibrant patterns ✔️ Available in adult & children sizes

Prices start from £10, and the masks come in packs of 1, 2 or 6.

Uganda nurse wearing an Eco Brixs Face Shield to protect her from COVID-19 at Masaka Referral Hospital

By purchasing a set of fabric masks, not only are you helping to protect those around you, but you're also helping to protect a frontline worker in Masaka, whose day-to-day work puts them at risk from the virus, particularly in Uganda's under-resourced healthcare system.

Plus, with these African patterns - you get to look especially stylish whilst you do it too! 😉 

You can purchase them via the link below:


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