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  • Andy Teale

Listen to Gee and Sinan talk about UNEA on the Renew Our World Podcast

Andy Bownds, Gee Elliott and Sinan from the Eco Brixs team at the United Nation Environmental Programme's UNEA conference

Sinan and Gee join David on the Renew Our World Podcast to chat about the UN Environment Assembly and this week's conference, UNEA-5, in Nairobi. Together, they discuss:

♻️ Eco Brixs's impact and model ♻️ What a circular economy is and why they matter ♻️ Who are UNEA as an organisation and the purpose of the UNEA-5 conference ♻️ The Plastic Pollution Treaty ♻️ What are Eco Brixs's hopes for the event

A massive thank you to Tearfund and David at the Renew Our World Podcast for having us on the pod!


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